Happy Married Life

When I was a kid,mum taught me to wish-"Happy Married Life",every time we went on the dias to wish the newly married couple.As I grew older,I remember asking her if there was any better way to wish newly married couples.She suggested that I should try rephrasing the same thing-Old wine in a new bottle trick.Somehow,over the years I've noticed that some brides/grooms find it amusing/annoying every time i thrust my hands into theirs and mutter a cheerful-"Happy Married Life".
They must be secretly wondering-

a."I wish i could punch her teeth out....What is she smiling at????""
b."Wasn't she 8 when i last saw her??"
c."Bloody Hell!One more happily un-married person........(almost in tears)!!!"
d."Wait till its your turn....!!!!!!(accompanied by an evil grin)"

Somehow,marriages always seem to be about the food.99% of the invited guests come to weddings only to have food.The other 1% come in search of prospective brides/grooms.They could save having those people with Oh-My-Mum-pulled-me-here and Where-is-the-food kinda looks on their face by just serving food in the parking lot....
And until I become the bali ka bakra or rather bakri,I will continue saying those magical words...."Happy Married Life!!!!!"


rubs said…
just wondering how wud u know the pains of a married couple!!!!
Vishwas Krishna said…
I attend weddings or for that matter any function, only for the sake of food and nothing else. Born to eat kind of person. Other aspects rarely arouses any kind of interest.
Iceman said…
-I hate crowd
-I not attend no marriage
-I stop at that
Gecko said…
When you get to the time when your mom starts commenting that you're not dressed up well enough to attend a marriage, you know she's going to the marriage to fix yours! that's the time you say no thanks to social occasions! God, Oldies! can't live with them, can't live without them!
vikas mk said…
One thing i hate about wishing married people (or anyone for that matter)
is the phony smiles you've to give out , and they return you a smile far phonier than your own. Its like a who's smile is the phoniest of them all contest. So when it comes to functions ,I just stick to the food section, come in , eat , get out... :D
anusha said…
@ rubs
exactly,i'm saying i dunno and i dont care....until its my turn!
@vishwas and vikas
thats why i'm saying they should start serving food in the parking lot
thank you-i'll bunk functions once my mum starts complaining about my attire!
i know you are not even interested in the food :P
kavya said…
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kavya said…
I attend wedding mainly for food.. if its a family one, then can have lot of fun commenting and teasing others..... I hate to stand with those married couples in reception for photo.. jus HATE it.. its sooo annoying...
I think in my reception also i ll be in the food section!!! LOL :D
DragonFly said…
"punch her teeth out"
Thats something you must do......:)

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