The Happy New Years

Neighbour asks what plans for New Year while i take Sonu out for his walk.

I say-"Aunty,I got an exam on 1st Jan...."

"Oh,God! Best of Luck beta.Do well"

Sigh......this has been the story for the past 4 years.Bludgeoned by exams.

1st year-Freshers,so college started late,hence we had internals.Not on 1st Jan but internals concluded on 31st Dec.All i did at 12 p.m was watch 'I,Robot' on tv,for the 2nd time.1st was at 9 p.m.You easily get saturated with it during the 1st time.

2nd year-This time we are in the eye of a storm.Exam on 3rd Jan.So atleast I have plenty of time to call and wish people.Spend the night watching 'The Road to El Dorado' for maybe the 5th time.

3rd year-The gap is closing up.This time we have an exam on 2nd Jan.No movie this time-just calling up people near and far,wishing them with the usual stuff.

4th year-VTU hits bulls eye.Exam on 1st Jan.I generally prefer catching a good nap on the previous night of exams.But guess I'll be kept awake by phone calls.

A couple of days ago,I'd called up a school friend whose b'day happens to fall on the 23rd of Dec.She kept droning about how she had to sacrifice her b'day and New Year celebrations for 4 yrs because of our very own VTU.

So,did i sacrifice my New Years for VTU?

Before B.E-my 31st Dec's were pretty much the same as the past 4 yrs-staying awake till 12,watching tv,calling up people.....Since i have been doing almost the same through B.E,it really makes no difference.

But an exam on 1st Jan???
Sure isn't my idea of a good start....but eagerly anticipating the year that follows.

Happy New Year to all bloggers!!!


Gecko said…
I guess everybody in VTU colleges have been complaining about that ever since. I bet the VTU guys are having a party up there in Belgaum! Sometimes i wonder whether they do it intentionally, Cause the exams used to start on Jan 15th or so usually and half way through the course, they advanced it by 15 days! Ever since then life had become pretty barren during the last week of the year with us spending all the money and time photocopying notes to study for the exams! The only consolation being us getting high smelling all the cheap xerox copies while cramming! hehe!
Bharath said…
We should thank VTU for giving us a new year blast with .Net paper :O ... Wat a way to start 2009 !!!!!!!!
anusha said…
i dint know people could get high smelling 30p xerox copies.
what a terrible start.i couldn't bring myself to write a word until reality sank in-1st jan-and .net exam-and such a paper!!!!!!!!
I wonder sometimes if God enjoys our 3hrs in the exam hall-like he's watchin a movie from the balcony seat. :D
Gecko said…
hehe, you at least get nauseous/dizzy. Depends :P

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