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I'm writing this post cause i was tagged by Iceman.I sorta figured out what "tagged" meant from his post "Tag".
Deciding on the pic was slightly tough-and finally i picked one that none had seen.This pic was passed on to me by my friend Aishu,who'd attended a national conference held in Hyd.There were many cultural activities held,and a Kuchipudi performance by a trained dancer was one among them.Since i wasnt present there,I doubt if I can do complete justice while describing the pic-but Ill give it my best shot.
At the beginning of the dance recital,the dancer smears her legs with paint and a huge piece of cloth is spread out on the floor of the stage.As she dances to the music,she dapples across the cloth spread out-serving as her canvas.So at the end of it,what you have is an enormous painting of a lion.Not sure if the pic is clear enough.But at the end,when the painting was held up,she did get a standing ovation.I suppose,both her dance and her painting complement each other.Neither would be appreciated in full worth without the other.

If i tried my hands,or precisely speaking,legs on something on the same line,I'd only end up producing a piece of art-which would eventually be praised as an abstract piece of art(then I could give Picasso some competition.....)or dismissed as junk!


Iceman said…
I was curious to see what you meant when you described this pic.

Good one and good post.
Anonymous said…
wow..wat a concept..I'm already a fan of the performing artiste..& nice blog too :-)

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