A "(move slowly and twitch)" post...........?????

Lately,Ive discovered how to unravel the mysteries engulfed in a cryptic crossword clue.Unlike the easy crossword,this requires you to spend some time reading the clue.Then you gotta rack your brains,turn the clue inside-out,read it again until it makes sense and finally when you get it-you keep aside a tiny moment to marvel at the intelligence of the given hint.The dictionary or thesaurus wouldn't be of much assistance unless you're in the midst of some foreign word.To help you see the big picture,here are a few examples-

Time to eat?(3)-TEA(eat~tea)
Under a cloud,I sprinted out(4)-RAIN(Need I explain?)
Bringing rain,it envelopes half of us in shivering cold(5)-CLOUD('u' in cold=cloud)
Start as you finish,in debt!(5)-DEBUT('u' in debt=debut)
Possibly tame lamb?(4)-MEAT
Standard reached by dad at the end of the year(3)-PAR('pa'r)

If this intrigued you,then you must've figured out what the title of the post is........


Gecko said…
Nice! looks easy when explained clearly, I'm sure it's far from it in reality.
The name of the post please! (So much for my hand at crossword!)
anusha said…
i must've been blessed with what people refer to as "Beginner's Luck".Finding the crossword clues tougher to unravel.
Name of the post is "A CRYPTIC post"
(move slowly-creep,twitch-tic)
Iceman said…
My mum's good at stuff like. Doesn't interest me at all though!
anusha said…
cool-she can help me with it!!!

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