10 things I'll be laughing about 10 years from now....

If I could take a peek into my future,then these are probably the things that would instantly put a smile across my face.

2.The very idea of true love......
3.You sent more SMS's in a day than you did in the past year.
4.How mum was the only person who you couldn't lie to.
5.It was okay to think that April 1st was far more significant than March 31st.
6.An AC in the house was a luxury.
7.Had never had a joint account before.
8.How you stayed up till midnight to wish your friend-"Happy Birthday!!!"
9.Insurance was something that only your vehicle had.
10.Doing nothing was what you did all day.


Vishwas Krishna said…
Ha ha ha. Nice one. Especially, points 2, 5, 8 and 9. Laughing out loud.
vikas mk said…
1,8,10 ..........lol!.....:D
Gecko said…
@1- smile, well, errrr.. not sure the people who were actually affected by it would agree to that!

@2- what kind of a smile? just curious

@3- the days of unlimited SMS! ah yes! indeed! (i learnt to type with the eyes closed in those days)

@6 hmmmm... i'll try to avoid having an AC at home,
even ten years after now... there's only so much fungus one can breathe in a lifetime! i've had that season for 2 years! i'm done!

@10 ten years later, you can probably say you were saving up your energy for the present! :P
anusha said…
1.Maybe you could wait 10 yrs,and then see how many people affected by recession will be smiling.....(You see,even I aint sure.....)
2.The kind of silly smile grown up's give when they think of Santa Claus...
6.Its enough if you're next door neighbour has an AC.That way,you're denied of your fresh air supply,replaced by whiffs of warm air.
10.Yeah,Energy Conservation Campaign... :D

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