Health is Wealth

I remember when I'd first read this quote. They had pasted these on the walls of my school on either sides of the stairs,along with other regular ones like-Early to bed,early to rise.... and Honesty is the best policy etc etc.

Realizing the prominence of "Health is Wealth" now,after having 3 rounds of antibiotics in the last 40 days,each tab of the latest course resembling mentos in size!

And my mum complains how cold and fever were the only things that kept them in bed when she was of my age.

More proof of it was provided by my 70 yr old neighbour and her 7 yr old grand daughter.She tells me that the kid complains to her that she's got back ache.

And there's always somebody you know who has cancer-Be it Feroze Khan or even the milkman!From what I know,the treatment pushes a patient to the brink of patience and endurance.If I cant seem to manage the side effects of a mentos sized antibiotic,then I wonder how tough it must be for them to go through chemotherapy,well aware of the fact that it might not cure you altogether.

At this rate,I wonder if humans will truly start living like parasites,dependent on machines and everything,just like the way they portrayed it in Wall-E.


Iceman said…
Good luck with the 'Fungal Infection'

And Pleased to know you finally watched Wall E :P

Sorry about your Mentos though!
Gecko said…
Hmmm... my friend, a doc, says living with cancer is easy, but living with therapy is, if you come out of it, a second birth!
And also, the oldies remarkable, and much to our humiliation, are stronger than us in many ways! my 80 year old granny doesn't wear glasses, and i have two of them, one for "backup"! she eats better than me too, and keeps reminding me of the size of the butter-ball on her raaji mudde while she was of my age! I guess we're just unlucky to be born in the adulteration era!
anusha said…

i watched wall-e ages ago!!!


I'd say we'd all be lucky if we even live to be 80 yrs old....

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