Do not disturb

Lately,Ive realized how useful my head phones are.Regular visits to Blore leave you exhausted,while you have to commute from one end to the other.By the 3rd time around,I noticed-Hey,everybody has their earphones plugged in!Intrigued,I decided to give it a try.And I think I've finally figured out why it is so popular.It makes the long bus drive bearable,creating a microcosm of an audio-world to keep you occupied.Now who wouldn't want to be deceived into imagining that the greatest music legends in the world are keeping them company through a seemingly endless and chaotic bus ride?You're granted the peace and concentration to read a book,without being poked for details.And it helps,sometimes,when the lazy melodies put you to sleep-a temporary relief for tired souls.I used to get annoyed to see people with earphones plugged in,but for now-my apprehensions have mildly reduced.


Vishwas Krishna said…
few years back, when i was in bangalore, even i was irritated by this earphone mania. whomever i saw, had this thing around their ears. not just the bus commuters, even the two wheelers. but now, i'm used to that sight. listening to good music is ok, but how on earth do they manage to listen to the fm channels?!
Iceman said…
On the other side, there are people who play songs of their choice on their cellphones, without earphones.
It's so annoying. What pleases you might not please the other!
anusha said…
i guess the fm channels do play good music,although it'd sound as a rare possibility.
why would anybody do such a thing on a city bus?there's enough noise around-i wonder how can anybody hear what is playing on the cellphone.
Gecko said…
The earphones thing does create a nice ambiance (depending on the music). I was into it for a short time in the distant past. But, what i noticed, the earphone mania does, in fact, at least i feels so, affect your social skills, to a great extent. if just puts you in a capsule, isolated from the honking world outside or the baby crying next to you. but then, when i was traveling, i found it easier and more interesting, rather than to have Beethoven or Mozart or Bach in the ears, to strike up a conversation with the person next to me, read peoples faces, look out the window or just, let go of everything and sleep. As you get more used to the earphones, you'll have less of an urge to go out and talk (at least from the people i've been able to notice on a regular basis, who have developed this habit). Well, agreed that not many people can sleep on a bus instantly. but once you pick it up. it's kinda refreshing. And it also saves your friends from having to repeat every word twice a few years down the line :) well, so much for earphones! it's still debatable whether it's *really* "useful". :)
anusha said…
"less of an urge to go out and talk"

well-what about all those free messages that helped you type with your eyes closed.I know loads of friends who'd die of nomophobia.Now,doesn't that inhibit your urge to go out and talk as well?
Gecko said…
Well, it does, to some extent. but then i will still be having some sort of a conversation on SMS too anyway, i.e., i'll be msging "somebody". but music, it's all to yourself, right?
anusha said…
thats why the post is titled do not disturb.
when people are just not interested to start up conversation and want to stick to themselves.then,i think,headphones are great!

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