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All through high school,we had 10 marks separately allocated for an essay-which had traditional topics like Doordarshan,Pollution(and the kith and kins of pollution-air pollution,water pollution etc),Dowry system,Computers,Television.My mum always joked about how she too had the exact same topics during her school days.Have we really progressed?Are we even trying to find solutions to these problems?Are these still the very same topics that students are compelled to write essays bargaining them with a couple of marks?For all I know,the teachers who corrected papers awarded marks based on the number of lines/pages that were filled or how neat the nerd's handwriting was....seriously,when i think of it,i feel-How pathetic!!!


Vishwas Krishna said…
doordarshan, dowry system and others were favourite topics of examiners when i studied too. i think, its more of lethargy on the part of examiners to find new topics than those topics/issues being resolved. nice photo, by the way.
rubs said…
therez perhaps another angle to it.....v were still stuck wid ta same problems(dowry..) wid wat our parents were..
Iceman said…
Then I consider myself very lucky cause I got full in almost all my English essays despite having the worst handwriting in the class and also writing the shortest essays :P

My teachers rock!! ;)

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